Verona con gli occhi di una svedese

La bellissima Hanna, intervistata dal nostro Boris Puggia

A volte capitano degli incontri curiosi, che ci fanno rendere conto di quanto sia piccolo il mondo che ci circonda. Ed è così che in un’afosa giornata quasi tropicale di una cittadina sperduta d’Australia, – per essere più precisi il nome della località è Caboolture –, ci è capitato d’incontrare una giovane svedese, innamorata persa di Verona e del lago di Garda.

Verona (e il Garda) nel cuore. Ne abbiamo approfittato per farci raccontare il suo viaggio in Italia, i suoi ricordi, le sue emozioni. I suoi pensieri, quello che pensa della nostra città e dei suoi abitanti.

Una notazione. Il testo viene riportato direttamente in inglese per non perdere l’urgenza dell’intervista e perché, visto che abbiamo lettori sparsi per tutto il globo, magari qualcuno possa decidere di venirci a trovare a Verona e sul lago di Garda. Chi non comprende benissimo l’inglese ci scuserà, per una volta cerchiamo di essere un pò internazionali!

Hanna tell us about the city of love, which you so fascinated.

I’ve been to Verona two times which both turned out to be some of the best times of my life. My first visit was mainly to see a concert with my favourite band Pearl Jam and this is when I fell in love with Verona. I decided to come back for a second visit to experience more of the wonderful culture and life there!

Verona is a great place to visit because there are so many things to see and there is always something to do.

Seeing my favourite band Pearl Jam in the Arena of Verona was definitely the best concert I have ever been to, Pearl Jam fan or not, they swept the crowd off their feet with their performance. I remember it was raining a lot but they kept on playing thru the whole thing which was more then two hours. The sound in the Arena was amazing, there was definetely magic in the air.

Verona is a romantic place…for example the house of Juliet, did you go there?

Yeah I visited the house of Juliet which is from the beautiful story of Romeo and Juliet created by William Shakespeare! This story is no doubt one of the most famous and romantic stories ever written and the house had the same feeling to it. There is also a statue of Juliet were her breast is white from people touching it and taking pictures doing so, it’s apparently a big tourist attraction which in my opinion is a good laugh.

Did you enjoy the visit in the lake of Garda?

So much! I tasted all kinds of different wines but there was two I really liked, one red and one white. The red wine is called “Bardolino” and the white is “Custoza” and after a few glasses of those I was drunk and happy! For those who like to cook there was also amazing olive oil but I paid more attention to the wine!

Boris Puggia

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